Interaction 23

To be defined... a conference (and a manifesto?)

Interaction 23 is a call – a call to to rethink decision-making processes that drive the design of technology. Interaction design, together with other fields, faces the role of technology in perpetuating social and environmental injustice.

The inevitable transformations of personal lives and social structures have taken momentum. As hopes of a long-term systems change arise, so do doomsday narratives. We invite you to take a stance in the midst of these unstable grounds.

Together, our vibrant community can chart a path for design that dares confronting the realities of global warming, xenophobia, war, lack of basic goods, and the rise of poverty to create a more just and inclusive world. Come and take a stance in the midst of these new beginnings!

Join us to undesign the defined!

Join us to design the undefined!


Interaction 23

Interaction 23

The annual interaction design conference organized by @IxDA. 25 Feb — 3 Mar 2023 + Zurich, Switzerland. In person and online. #ixd23