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Interaction 21

Interviewed by Alexis Morin on the IxDA Stories podcast

Well, I guess I had a difficult journey, like a lot of indigenous youth. I tried to find my identity. I’m mixed blood. My mother is French Canadian from Quebec, she raised me in French her entire life, but she was also the one that got me to be rooted in all of the indigenous resistance movements and indigenous political engagements. So, she’s the one that gave me all of the education about that. She raised me in Quebec around native women’s movements. …

Interviewed by Poppe Guthrie on the IxDA Stories podcast

I’m a hip hop artist, I started to rap in 1995. I was one of the first rappers in Quebec city. I feel privileged to have witnessed the birth of the culture and to have helped bring that culture to life. To me this is a privilege in space and time for which I’m very grateful. I'm also grateful for hip hop because it allowed me to go all over the world and to visit so many countries I wouldn’t have seen if I was on my own. …

Interviewed by Poppe Guthrie on the IxDA Stories podcast

I always knew I would be a writer, I come from a family of writers, but the thing is that I thought I could escape into science. …

Interviewed by Poppe Guthrie on the IxDA Stories podcast

Mathematics and physics, for me, are incredible tools. They’re really maps that let you understand the questions of the universe.

Mathematics and physics help you figure out why things happen the way they do. For me, tying this back to design is actually not so surprising because design is about asking why is it that humans work the way they do? In fact, mathematics, physics, design, art, language, metaphor, are all very similar. …

Even though we won’t be traveling to any conferences soon, that doesn’t mean you have to put your professional development on hold. With less than a week left to Interaction 21, it’s not too late to get your company to cover the bill. To help make the conversation go a little bit smoother, we’ve put together a list of five reasons why your boss should send you to Interaction 21.

Reason 1: No flights, no hotels, reduced ticket price

For the first time in its history, Interaction Week will be happening online in 2021. This year we go global, around-the-clock, and more accessible than ever. Since we won’t be…

Our second Behind The Scenes event happened on 11 November 2020. You can watch the recording here. This session is a deep dive into what it takes to build a program worthy of the perils that surround us for Interaction 21.

The discussion was led by Tin Kadoic, who started the local group in Zagreb, Croatia in 2014 and is past member of the IxDA EU Core team. The guests were Elaine Matthias and Brenda Laurel, co-chairs for this year’s edition.

Elaine Matthias is a freelance interaction designer with a background in ecommerce and event design. …

Our first Behind The Scenes event happened on 21 October 2020 — you can watch the recording here.

The discussion was led by Ana Domb, from the IxDA Board of Directors, and the guests for this session were Alexis Morin, Montreal Co-Chair and Manon Gruaz, Montreal Program Director.

AM From 31 Jan to 06 Feb 2021, the 12th edition of Interaction Week will be happening online for the first time. We will be addressing our theme of Design In Perilous Times throughout various types of events for 6 days. …

When building an online conference, it’s easy to think that the content of the talks is what matters most. But that’s not really true. Above all, a story needs to be crafted. A story with a rhythm, a sequence of topics, and a suite of emotions for the audience to experience. Yes, even online.

We crafted the program around 3 emotional pillars: Anger, Accountability and Action.

I want to break these down and share the thinking behind the emotional narrative that will drive Interaction 21.

Day 1: Anger

Let’s explore why we first chose to make you feel Angry. Our intention with the…

Interaction 21

The annual interaction design conference organized by @IxDA. 31 Jan-5 Feb 2021. Happening online. #IxD21

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